Saag aloo

Saag aloo — from the Hindi words Saag (spinach) and Aloo (potatoes) — is a favorite Indian vegetable dish of mine. It turns out to be surprisingly easy to make. I started out with this general recipe, but I added tomatoes and some water to allow the potatoes to cook. (I should have par-boiled the potatoes first). The result was especially delicious. Sorry about the rubbish photo …

4 Responses to “Saag aloo”

  1. watari Says:

    That’s really nice!
    but the curry has got a stronger taste,would be better to have
    aloo as a starter not at the same time.Otherwise,the curry killed
    the flavour.

    Anyway,you could take a photo better.

  2. rich Says:

    I thought it tasted fine though. Just don’t mix it together!

  3. M-kun Says:

    Was very yummy in my tummy :D

  4. rich Says:

    Thanks Mark …